Join the challenge and apply for Indianapolis Thriving Schools certification, the green schools designation for Marion County. Certification level is determined by the school’s number of sustainability initiatives and operations. 

Certification Level Number of Projects
Certified 2
Excelling 3
Masters 4+

Certification can be reached in one of two ways: 

  1. Applying for Certification ONLY by demonstrating current sustainability initiatives. 

  2. Applying for Certification AND Project Funding using a combination of existing and new sustainability initiatives.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Thursday, October 31



Two new and/or existing projects.



Three new and/or existing projects.



Four new and/or existing projects.

All participating schools will receive a Thriving School Certification decal to display their achievement on the school front and digital graphics to use in digital documents or the school website. The use of these materials is at the discretion of each school.

The students have taken great pride in receiving this grant and the Master Certification through the Thriving Schools Challenge.
— The School for Community Learning